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What You Need To Know About High Blood Pressure

High Blood pressure is something that most of the American people do suffer from . Currently, more than 30 percent of the people who are currently living in the USA are having the high blood pressure. The bad thing is that high blood pressure is something invisible. Due to this, it is hard for one to know if he or she has it. This is something bad. One need to identify the high blood pressure symptoms. Out of the high blood pressure symptoms, headache is the most common one. Due to this, one need to make sure that he or she gets to differentiate between that common normal headache and the high blood pressure ones.

As far as high blood pressure is concerned, we do have two types of it. One is primary hypertension. It is known that primary hypertension is formed over time and what cause it is not yet discovered. No one is safe from primary hypertension since it can attack anyone. We do have things that are believed to cause this type of high blood pressure. To learn more on the same, and you need to continue to read more here in this article.

You can develop it too if one of your parents did have this high blood pressure. It means that primary hypertension can be carried through the family genetic. It does not mean it is a must it happen, but there is a possibility on that. The way you live your life can make you suffer for primary hypertension. Having a bad, unhealthy lifestyle do means that one is increasing the chances of getting this type of high blood pressure. The primary hypertension comes in when one consume unhealthy food for some times. Having too much weight and lack of exercise can make one suffer from primary hypertension.

We do have the second type of high blood pressure that is called secondary hypertension. Comparison between secondary hypertension and primary hypertension shows that secondary hypertension is more severe. You also need to know that it develops faster. We do not know the cause of it. This do state to us that we do have conditions in one’s body that brings secondary hypertension. They includes, congenital heart defects, medication side effects, thyroid issues, kidney failures disease and many more. Taking too much of alcohol and illegal drugs can make one get secondary hypertension.

We do have symptoms that shows one has the high blood pressure. When you have a high blood pressure you won’t realize it, but you will experience headaches. consider headache as the first symptoms. What follows is dizziness, nosebleeds, cheats pains, blood present in urine and change of vision.